Made of wood, PVC and aluminium/steel

Nava Fratelli Srl is a company specialised in production of roller shutters. The company manufactures high-quality shutters made of wood, aluminium and steel of excellent workmanship through the use of quality materials and constantly undated equipment and machinery. You can choose between different sizes and various colours of shutters that the company offers.


Note per Teli in PVC

The colour no. 6-19-20-22-24-25 are never guaranteed against any deformation (despite the use of the reinforcements) and discolouration.

Because of special processing, the faux wood grain colours no. 14-16-18-25-26-28, are subject to change compared to the samples in folder.

The roller shutters are not guaranteed to be over 2 meters in width.

Non sono garantite le tapparelle di larghezza oltre 2 mt.
Because of the peculiarities of the processed material, any changes to the weights cannot result in any dispute.

Notes on aluminium/steel sheets

The polyurethane is produced without the use of Freon or ODP i.e. blowing agents which cause enlargement of the ozone hole.

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