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Sale of Venetian blinds in Cantù

Nava Fratelli di Cantù is a sales point, showroom and installer of fixtures, curtains, railings and gates. There is a wide availability of items in the catalog, suitable for every aesthetic and functional need. You can find products for apartments or offices, but also commercial activities: contact the store to request more information or to make an appointment at home with a consultant. You will receive an inspection and a free estimate without any obligation.


Venetian blinds in aluminum and wood

The Venetian blinds are produced by the Nava artisan workshops in different sizes and formats, and are also available in a vast assortment of colors. The quality of the materials used by the laboratories, for the realization of shutters in standard or customized dimensions, is truly excellent. Only by using high quality materials, in fact, it is possible to obtain high-profile finished products, which give great aesthetic satisfaction to the customer and know how to last over time.

Venetian blinds, in particular, allow you to adjust the intensity of the light that is filtered inside the home, office or shop, often completely changing the atmosphere, communicating different sensations, revolutionizing the entire environment.

Interior curtains

Below is a list of the different sizes of Venetian blinds with slats available:
15 mm: 27x15 box;
25 mm: 27x19 box;
35 mm: 36x36 box;
50 mm: 56x51 box.
To request more information or receive advice, do not hesitate to contact the store.


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