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Supply and installation of aluminum, plastic and wood shutters

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Production and sale of roller shutters, Venetian blinds and mosquito nets in Cantù

Nava Fratelli di Cantù, part of the "Tutto Tapparelle" network managed by the Nava family, represent a real point of reference for the sector of interior frames and curtains. In fact, two points of contact with the public in the provinces of Varese and Milan are added to the Como headquarters. The points of sale of interior blinds and roller shutters are aimed at both private individuals and professional and commercial activities. You can request information and quotes by phone, by email or by filling out the contact form.


Shutters outlets 

Inside the stores you will find many examples of the production of roller shutters, wooden, plastic, aluminum and steel roller shutters, mosquito nets, Venetian blinds, motors and all types of accessories for their correct functioning. You can also see up close and touch all the indoor blinds for sale, the same ones that can be viewed on the various pages of the site. The Nava staff also takes care of the installation of the products you have purchased.

Do not hesitate to contact the indoor blinds store to receive a personalized quote or to make an appointment for an inspection, so that the technicians can take all the necessary measures.
Also remember that you can take advantage of interesting tax breaks, intended for those who carry out renovations and energy efficiency, including the installation of new and insulating indoor curtains.



Viale Valganna, 29 - Varese (VA)
Tel / Fax:
  +39 0332 281002


Viale Ripamonti, 209 - Milan (MI)
Tel / Fax +39 02 536312


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MILAN - Via Ripamonti, 209

VARESE - Viale Valganna, 29

CANTÙ - Via Milano, 26


Tel: +39 031 714228

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